hi hello namaste guys , thanks for spend time visit my blog :) I'm not that good in english but I try to improve it . sorry for my broken english :) just enjoy it !

awake :)

we are young , we run free , stay up late , we don't sleep , got our friends , got the night , we'll be alright :D **sing a song

haha ofcourse la we don't sleep ma :D now besides me , got two friends that always accompany me everyday , everytime and everywhere :D guess who is she ? *tett you're wrong ! they are not my true friends , they're my lil sisters ;) I consider them as my friends :D haha .hmmm , the reasons why we not sleep today  is because Exams is around the corner ( but not for my lil sisters , they just play facebook :P ) , AHHH just one more day left for me .. but .. I don't feel nervous ? thanks to god :D this monday ( 14-11-2011 )  I'll go to war to struggle with the papers XD haha

guys , wish me luck ya guys ? nahh love chu :)