hi hello namaste guys , thanks for spend time visit my blog :) I'm not that good in english but I try to improve it . sorry for my broken english :) just enjoy it !


hello and assalamualaikum :) hey there ? how are you ? :) me ? I'm fine here :) YEAYY my leg getting better :D today I got call from ziey . Its about number code ID . today is the last day for buy that code . so I ask for help from ziey . I gave my IC number and money ( RM 10 .00 ) to her . okay then she go there and buy it :) zieyyyy , thanks a lot :) after that , I got one message from erna ( my classmate ) she told me that ,  class for basic economy will be held at canteen  tomorrow :) err thanks for the information :) but I'm not sure what shirt must I wear for tomorrow . eh can wear t-shirt ? I mean long-shift :O ? ahhh still thinking what I should wear for tomorrow :\ . or maybeeee must wear school uniform ? hmmm , I think I should call my classmate and ask her :) haha . okay guys , wan an :) and also zai jian ^_^  **have a sweet dreams ;)