hi hello namaste guys , thanks for spend time visit my blog :) I'm not that good in english but I try to improve it . sorry for my broken english :) just enjoy it !

jump then fall

hello and assalamualaikum for those who read this :) here I am :) actually , I can't sleep so I think better I do something that make me sleepy such as wrote on this blog and also listening musics :) 2days ago , I go to my cousin's house at sentul then while ontheway go back from there , I jumped at this ( just imagine as longkang ) in raining .. and that day , I wear my sister's shoes which is make me tall ( ahh I know I'm short -,- ) just you guys imagine , I jump and fall . hahahha serve me right aite ? ya I know its my fault . why I'm so silly that time . can't think at all . ahh people always say " takdir " yes I know . I accept it :) even it hurt :( I had to use tongkat to walk from one place to another place ... but I think tomorrow will be better than this day :) hope can walk as usual :) If not , how am I going to take exams with this leg ? luckily I got one weeks holiday and then will be continue next week on 6-12-2011 for the last paper thats is basic economy . teacher said , must get A+ for that subject plus I have one weeks to cover all chapter :) guys , wish me get well soon can ? aaaaaa thanks for those who pray for me . I really appreciate it ^_^