hi hello namaste guys , thanks for spend time visit my blog :) I'm not that good in english but I try to improve it . sorry for my broken english :) just enjoy it !


hello and assalamualaikum :) hey there ? how are you ? :) me ? I'm fine here :) YEAYY my leg getting better :D today I got call from ziey . Its about number code ID . today is the last day for buy that code . so I ask for help from ziey . I gave my IC number and money ( RM 10 .00 ) to her . okay then she go there and buy it :) zieyyyy , thanks a lot :) after that , I got one message from erna ( my classmate ) she told me that ,  class for basic economy will be held at canteen  tomorrow :) err thanks for the information :) but I'm not sure what shirt must I wear for tomorrow . eh can wear t-shirt ? I mean long-shift :O ? ahhh still thinking what I should wear for tomorrow :\ . or maybeeee must wear school uniform ? hmmm , I think I should call my classmate and ask her :) haha . okay guys , wan an :) and also zai jian ^_^  **have a sweet dreams ;)

jump then fall

hello and assalamualaikum for those who read this :) here I am :) actually , I can't sleep so I think better I do something that make me sleepy such as wrote on this blog and also listening musics :) 2days ago , I go to my cousin's house at sentul then while ontheway go back from there , I jumped at this ( just imagine as longkang ) in raining .. and that day , I wear my sister's shoes which is make me tall ( ahh I know I'm short -,- ) just you guys imagine , I jump and fall . hahahha serve me right aite ? ya I know its my fault . why I'm so silly that time . can't think at all . ahh people always say " takdir " yes I know . I accept it :) even it hurt :( I had to use tongkat to walk from one place to another place ... but I think tomorrow will be better than this day :) hope can walk as usual :) If not , how am I going to take exams with this leg ? luckily I got one weeks holiday and then will be continue next week on 6-12-2011 for the last paper thats is basic economy . teacher said , must get A+ for that subject plus I have one weeks to cover all chapter :) guys , wish me get well soon can ? aaaaaa thanks for those who pray for me . I really appreciate it ^_^

nervous ...

Actually why I keep online that day ( thursday ) because I try to avoid from do revision and study for subject ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS . I already do revision and exercise for that subjects but still not understand for some topic =,= . so many papers infront of me , that papers keep calling my name and force me to make calculation on the papers .. ahhh nobody can help me right now ! just myself ! I need strong ! If I fail for that subject , I would ashamed >_< . guys , I thought I'll be hard for me , luckily while in school , I mean before the exams start for paper 2 .. my friends teach me how to do it . guys .. thanks a lot :) even last minute , what you teach me , it come out in the exams :) I thought addmath is very hard to understand , actually .. NOT :) If I really work it out , sure can get A .. but If I just pass only , alhamdulillah :)
 thanks to : tyra , bad , dayah (my classmates ) and
 also special thanks to : adila saibi , sharifah solehah and lastly , amira sepet :)
if not because you guys , sure I write nothing on that papers  :) haha .
 guys , I hope we get the best result :)
because we have tried the best as we can :) sure allah help us right ? :) muahh love you guys <3

my old friend :)

syafiq sorry take ur picture without your permission :) 
this weeks suddenly I thinking about him . and I always remember our memory together :) when I was kid , he always play with me :) we play so many things together such as hide and seek XD haha . but after that he had to moved . but his cousin still stay here . he will visit his cousins sometimes . hmm , and I also already moved . but still near with his cousins house . just I'm lazy to go there . cause I'm not close with his cousins . hey guys .. wanna know who is he ? his name is daniel syafiq parish . but I call him syafiq mat salleh :) yelah , his face totally like mat salleh . I thought his age is 17teen y/o but he's 18teen . haha how can I forgot ? well maybe I drink too much ANT :P so now I contact back with him . just him doesn't recognize me . he said that he will remember me when he see my face . ahh its okay . I'm not blame him , yelah , just imagine that , while we're still kid , our age like ... ( hmm I also can't remember ) haha but I still remember his face :D wanna know how I can contact back with him ? firstly I ask my classmates ( the one who live near with syafiq's cousins house ) and then he give me syafiq's number phone :) then I texting him :)

awake :)

we are young , we run free , stay up late , we don't sleep , got our friends , got the night , we'll be alright :D **sing a song

haha ofcourse la we don't sleep ma :D now besides me , got two friends that always accompany me everyday , everytime and everywhere :D guess who is she ? *tett you're wrong ! they are not my true friends , they're my lil sisters ;) I consider them as my friends :D haha .hmmm , the reasons why we not sleep today  is because Exams is around the corner ( but not for my lil sisters , they just play facebook :P ) , AHHH just one more day left for me .. but .. I don't feel nervous ? thanks to god :D this monday ( 14-11-2011 )  I'll go to war to struggle with the papers XD haha

guys , wish me luck ya guys ? nahh love chu :)