hi hello namaste guys , thanks for spend time visit my blog :) I'm not that good in english but I try to improve it . sorry for my broken english :) just enjoy it !

nervous ...

Actually why I keep online that day ( thursday ) because I try to avoid from do revision and study for subject ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS . I already do revision and exercise for that subjects but still not understand for some topic =,= . so many papers infront of me , that papers keep calling my name and force me to make calculation on the papers .. ahhh nobody can help me right now ! just myself ! I need strong ! If I fail for that subject , I would ashamed >_< . guys , I thought I'll be hard for me , luckily while in school , I mean before the exams start for paper 2 .. my friends teach me how to do it . guys .. thanks a lot :) even last minute , what you teach me , it come out in the exams :) I thought addmath is very hard to understand , actually .. NOT :) If I really work it out , sure can get A .. but If I just pass only , alhamdulillah :)
 thanks to : tyra , bad , dayah (my classmates ) and
 also special thanks to : adila saibi , sharifah solehah and lastly , amira sepet :)
if not because you guys , sure I write nothing on that papers  :) haha .
 guys , I hope we get the best result :)
because we have tried the best as we can :) sure allah help us right ? :) muahh love you guys <3